Recyclable packaging

The products of HappySoaps are packed in recyclable packaging made of recycled cardboard or packed in aluminium. Completely plastic-free.

The reason why we have chosen this packaging is because it is easy to recycle.

There is already enough waste in the world. In the Netherlands alone, we produce around 500 kg of waste per person per year. Surely we can do less?

We want to make a positive impact on reducing waste. That is why, in addition to our packaging, we also only use recyclable materials for shipping and storage. Better for you, better for the planet!

About microplastics in packaging

We package all our products in recycled cardboard and recyclable aluminium. Not even an ounce of plastic is used in the production, storage and shipping of HappySoaps! The products themselves are also 100% plastic-free and therefore contain no microplastics.

Microplastics are small particles of plastic that are difficult to filter out of our drinking water. For a better planet it is important to avoid (micro) plastics as much as possible. That is why all our products and packaging are 100% plastic-free.

Recycled cardboard and recyclable aluminium

We are against the use of microplastics in personal care products and against the use of disposable plastic in a broader sense. Therefore, all our products and packaging are 100% plastic-free and environmentally friendly. We have chosen to use recycled cardboard and recyclable aluminium.

Recycled cardboard is made from existing waste paper or by mixing cardboard with water. The paper is cleaned of ink or other contaminants beforehand and is therefore no longer harmful.

Recycled cardboard or paper saves a lot of trees that no longer need to be cut down. Other advantages of recycling are that less energy, water and chemicals are used to make this kind of cardboard.

Aluminium is 100% recyclable. Recycling also requires little energy. An environmentally friendly choice to use as packaging material!

Our packaging can be recycled

After using the HappySoaps products the packaging can be reused. For example for a new HappySoaps packaging. This saves water, energy, chemicals and (micro) plastics that would otherwise be used for new packaging.

For this reason, we are fans of recycling and think it is important to do so and to support it. Not only for us, but also for you and the planet.

Join #TeamPlasticFree!