HappySoaps Partnerships

HappySoaps partnerships

We cannot revolutionise the cosmetics industry on our own. Plastic in cosmetics is one thing. But raising awareness with other organisations and people is just as important. Because together we can make a difference. The threat to the planet continues to grow. From deforestation in the rainforest, which results in less habitat for the Orang Utang, to the pieces of plastic that float around turtles and fish in the sea. The cosmetics industry urgently needs to change. We try to do our bit. We do this by making environmentally-friendly cosmetics without an ounce of plastic. But also by partnering with an organisation that does something for the planet and addresses the problem of plastic waste. We are a proud partner of the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Plastic Soup Foundation

Plastic Soup Foundation focuses on human health and improving the environment by fighting plastic waste. They run several campaigns to raise awareness about plastic waste.The different campaigns deal with plastic and health, microplastics, litter, education and other consequences and causes. These campaigns show how serious the status of plastic waste is and call on people to make big changes. Because together we can really do something for the planet. For this reason we have become Beauty Angels.

What are Beauty Angels?

Beauty Angels are plastic-free cosmetics and personal care brands that carry the Zero Plastic Inside certificate of the Plastic Soup Foundation 

This means that we offer approved plastic-free products.

As Beauty Angels we support Plastic Soup Foundation financially with an annual contribution. So together we make the planet a better place for all of us.

With your HappySoaps purchase you contribute to a plastic-free world. Thank you!