Water saving

Water is important. For us as humans, but also for the planet, animals and plants. We need it to drink, wash, produce and much more. We depend on water and take it for granted. However, for many people, this is no longer taken for granted. That's why we need to take action.

How much water do we use?

On average, we use 107 litres per person per day. That is almost 80,000 litres per person based on a two-person household! Because the population is growing and making more demands on products and food, this consumption of water is increasing every year.

For clean drinking water and tap water for other uses, but also for the production of food and materials.

If we all use more water, our resources will gradually run out. It is expected that by 2025, about two-thirds of the world's population will face severe water shortages and will have to survive. Surely there must be another way?

So we use enormous amounts of water per person per year. But what is this water used for? For example, for cosmetics and the production of materials such as plastic and cotton.

Water in shampoo

Traditional shampoo and conditioners are filled with about 80% to 90% water. This makes the packaging unnecessarily large and takes up more space during transport (which means more CO2 emissions). In addition, unnecessary water is wasted on cosmetics, which can also be used as drinking water.

On average, a household uses about 20 shampoo bottles per year. In addition to the large amount of plastic waste, this also means a lot of water wastage. Where 1 Shampoo Bar counts for about 3 shampoo bottles, you save 3 times 80% water in one shampoo bottle.

At HappySoaps, hardly any water is used during production. It does say "aqua" among the ingredients, but that mainly refers to ingredients that naturally contain moisture, such as oils.

During use, you mix our products with the water you already use when showering. In this way, we save water during production and CO2 during transport. A win-win situation!

Water for plastic production

Did you know that a lot of water is also needed for the production of plastic? A huge supply of water is needed to make just a few plastic shampoo bottles. That water could also have been used as drinking water or water for nature.

This is one of the reasons why we refuse to use plastic packaging.

What can we do?

Every little bit helps and together we can really make a difference in saving water. Water shortages can be reduced by, for example, using less water at home, consuming less meat and dairy products, buying appliances that save water (think Eco Friendly washing machines) and buying second hand clothes. Cotton production requires huge amounts of water.

Save water now and use our cheerful products!:)