Our story

We want to make 100% plastic-free and natural care accessible to everyone!

We, Marcel and Marco, have always been amazed by the packaging of care products. Because no matter what you buy - shampoo, shower gel or conditioner - you always get one of those enormous plastic containers. Surely, this can be done differently and better?  

This was the starting point for us to develop an affordable and plastic-free alternative for these traditional care products. Our products must offer an alternative to all that plastic packaging, because there are already 5 trillion (!) pieces of plastic floating around in our beautiful seas and oceans.

Founders of HappySoaps

A promise to you and the planet

That's why we want to make 100% plastic-free and natural care accessible to everyone.  

With our small and enthusiastic team, we are constantly developing HappySoaps. We do this with natural ingredients, innovative (plastic-free) packaging and the regular release of new products.  

In addition, we do not use palm oil and our products are vegan and free from animal testing. 

We are also Beauty Angel of the Plastic Soup Foundation and we are the founder and supporters of #TeamPlasticfree.  

Will you also contribute to a plastic-free world?

It's time to shake up the skincare market and make natural and plastic-free care accessible for everyone!

Hand-made in the Netherlands with love!

Think global, act local. This also applies to the production of HappySoaps. Everything is handmade with love in the Netherlands, in our own soap factory. Here, we make all our products according to our own recipe and standards. This way, we are 100% sure which ingredients end up in our products.

And because the production takes place in the Netherlands, it also saves on unnecessary transport and therefore CO2 emissions!

The 3 reasons to try HappySoaps


Healthy for your body

We only use natural ingredients that are not harmful to you or the planet. The combination of pure ingredients nourishes it with natural nutrients and smells delicious!


Good for your wallet

Our products last at least three times longer than traditional plastic packaging. This is because traditional packaging for example consists of 80% water and our Bars of 0%! In this way we save water, which can be better used as drinking water.


Better for the environment

Our Bars are better for you and for the planet. This is because they are 100% plastic-free, vegan, free of palm oil and handmade in the Netherlands.

We are proud partner of the Plastic Soup Foundation

Plastic Soup Foundation focuses on human health and improving the environment by fighting plastic waste. They run several campaigns to raise awareness about plastic waste.

As Beauty Angels, we support the Plastic Soup Foundation financially with an annual contribution. In this way, together we ensure that the planet becomes a better place for us all.

Your plastic-free bathroom starts at HappySoaps

Discover the products of HappySoaps and enjoy plastic-free and wonderfully scented care. Better for you, better for the planet!