Top 10 most frequently asked questions to HappySoaps (and their answers!)

  • 1 I can't decide. Which Bar do you recommend?

  • 2 How do I store my plastic-free product?

  • 3 My Bar feels hard. How should I use it?

  • 4 Why is a HappySoaps Bar better than a traditional plastic product?

  • 5 How long does a Bar last exactly?

  • 6 Why do plastic-free Bars last longer than a traditional plastic bottle?

  • 7 How much should I use of product X or Y?

  • 8 Do you use parabens and sulphates in your products?

  • 9 Are your products free of animal testing?

  • 10 Are your products biodegradable?

Shipping and returns

  • How do you ship my order?

  • My Bar and I are not a good match. How do I return a product?

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