Palm oil free

Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. This is because the palm fruit, from which the oil is derived, needs little surface area and pesticides. Also the cheap location of the palm oil plantations helps with the huge demand.

Unfortunately, the cheap palm oil industry has many disadvantages for the planet, the farmers, the animals and for us.

That is why we do not want to use palm oil. We choose a more expensive alternative for our products that does not harm the environment and animals. Without you having to pay more for it.

The problem with palm oil

The monoculture around palm oil is devastating for people, the planet and the animals we share it with

The environment

This is mainly due to the amount of hectares of rainforest that is cut down for the sole purpose of extracting palm oil. Deforestation will certainly accelerate the effects of climate change, as rainforests play an important role in the water cycle, provide crucial air purification and sequester carbon.

The animals

The large-scale deforestation caused by the palm oil industry is also dangerous for the animals and local people living in the rainforest. Massive deforestation and burnt rainforest areas cause many animals to flee, including the endangered orangutans, whose habitat is becoming smaller and smaller.

The local population

Unfortunately, for the local population and the farmers who produce palm oil, it does not bring much good news either.

The trees that produce palm oil help keep the land fertile. The local communities use this land to grow essential and valuable food crops. But these pieces of land are being bought up by large corporations and the local population is no longer allowed to use the land.

Of the world's palm oil production, 85% comes from Malaysia, Indonesia and parts of Africa. Wages and land prices here are low.

The farmers who produce the palm oil are grossly underpaid and are often forced to work under unsafe conditions.

Natural replacement of palm oil

    We do not want to participate in the destructive monoculture surrounding the palm oil industry and have found better, natural alternatives. Natural oils and ingredients with as much (or more) saturated fat and antioxidants, which protect and care for your skin and hair. Without you having to pay more for it. Be happy and go palm oil free!