100% plastic-free

In today's society, we have become excessive in our use of plastic. And especially disposable plastic. We pack everything in it, even a single cucumber! That's really not necessary, is it? The problem will not solve itself. Not even with new variants such as bio-plastic. The only real solution is plastic-free. We are proud to say that our products do not contain an ounce of plastic. By doing so, we help the planet (and you) with a better environment and healthier (drinking) water. We want to get rid of plastic packaging and want 100% plastic-free to become the norm. Will you join #TeamPlasticFree?

Why is plastic such a problem?

Plastic is a multi-faceted problem. The way it is made, how it is disposed of and what happens to it afterwards needs to change dramatically.

5 trillion pieces of

plastic are now floating in our beautiful seas and oceans.

Only 9%

of all plastic is recycled.

9 out of 10 fish

have or ingest microplastics according to various global studies.

40,000 pieces of

microplastics are ingested by humans every week. That's enough to make a bank card!

More than 40%

of the total plastic consumption comes from product packaging.

With HappySoaps, we are fighting against plastic! #TeamPlasticFree

The plastic bottles can go! We have more than 150 products that are a great alternative to traditional, polluting products.