Handmade in the Netherlands

Think global, act local. We make our products with love together with a cheerful team and natural ingredients in our own soap factory in the Netherlands. Good for you and the planet. We explain why.

Why produce in the Netherlands?

We find it important that we are 100% sure which ingredients are in our Bars. And how else can we check this other than by making our own Bars?  

In our soap factory we know for sure which ingredients really end up in our products. We make sure that everything goes well and we are constantly working on product improvements and innovations.

Handmade in the Netherlands

Our Bars are hand-made and packed. Not a single gram of plastic is used in the production of the Bars. The production and packaging are made with an environmentally friendly approach and this way we hope to contribute to a cleaner planet.  

Because the production takes place in the Netherlands, no unnecessary trucks, planes or ships have to travel through Europe - or the world - to deliver your Bar at your home. This unnecessary transport saves the planet and the CO2 emissions that come with it.

Better for you, better for the planet!